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Welcome to the new LAM Designs. You'll find what you found on my former site,Magical Glitters,with a new flare and even better passion.Affies are open,aswell as listings. If you use anything always link back. Anything that isn't made by me is credited on the credits page. Come again but if you don't like my site then leave.
This site looks best in Firefox & Google Chrome.
Updates (8/9/2016) I have added 2 new affies and removed two. I have plans for site content and will make it and add it soon. I also have a few things to add that I bought. A new layout will happen in a month or 2. Trying to decide if I shoudl do an autmn one and halloween or just a halloween one.

I never do this but wanted to blog. My vacation was good. Spent time with family but not enough. So many things have changed and it's been hard. No one really sees eachother anymore. Family is suppose to be there no matter what but it's drifted apart. My kids are in school. I don't have babies anymore and they're happy. They're great kids, learning each day. Sure they have their faults but so does everyone. They test the limits, stretch us until we can't anymore. They're mine and I can't for the life of me figure out what I did to deserve them. They have good teachers and I hope this year is good to them. Still working on the house and looks like it'll take longer to finish than we thought. When it rains it pours. Hope we make it