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Everything is made by me unless stated other wise. credit is mandatory when using anything here. I bought my stylesheet from Kaitlyn at No styicky paws. Anything credited is on my credits page.

Welcome to Lam Designs

Welcome to the new LAM Designs. You'll find what you found on my former site,Magical Glitters,with a new flare and even better passion.Affies are open,aswell as listings. If you use anything always link back. Anything that isn't made by me is credited on the credits page. Come again but if you don't like my site then leave.
This site looks best in Firefox & Google Chrome.

Updates (May 5,2015)

Ok so added 3 new brush packs, bought from Olivia, 2 pattern psds, 1 new tutorial for trippy gradients.

I other news life is still,well life. easter came and went and today is one of my favorite nascar drivers birthdays. Awesome huh?