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CSS Help

Learn how to code css here

step 1

First you need the css code,which is provided here

step 2

Ok to break it down any thing that has an color around it you can change(example below)
Css 1

Between the 2 images it's the whole code

You can alos change the font size & font name..Border style & all but I woudlnt' it's way too complicated so stick with changeing colors,fint name & size.

Colors are outlined in red

font name is outlined in pink

font size are outlined in purple

h1 is a can put whatever title you want in there.

b is your bold colors.i is italicized & u is underlined

For your heading you put

if it's not an h1 then put h2,3 etc you get the point.

When you;'re done save it as style.css


Now for the easy part instead of having to put the entire code on every single page you can put the shortcut on each page of your site..only problem is each time you change your css you must delete it & upload it again after your changes are made.

step 4

Here's the shortcut