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CutOut Text

This tutorial will show you how to make cutout text(no the name doesn't help with it)using paint shop pro.It's a pretty easy process but here you will learn the basics of it and from there use your own creative tools.

Step One

First make your text with your settings you prefer,here is mine.
If you're using psp this is the easiest part of it.

Step 2

The go to effects,cutout and out your settings like mine are.
Text 1
You can work around with it until you're satisfied but that's up to you.

Step 3

After you've added the settings add a border or 2 too it.I used a darker color that the text is.

Step 4

Now save your text when you're done and add it whereever you decide.


You can also add glitters,noise,other effects or whatever you decide.have fun and explore psp.
If any of this helped you please link back to me.