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Preppy Headers

You'll need a version on photoshop,psd line pattern, dotted pattern, cluster brushes grunge pattern and a color scheme.

Step 1

Make a new image 800x300px is my size. Doesn't matter what color is the background because we're going to change it anyway.

circle pattern-normal-30

Do a second pattern fill and use the grunge pattern and set it to color burn.

Step 2

Now put that aside after you save it and I mean save it in a psd format.

Repeat the same with the lin pattern but dont define at pattern.

Go to image-image rotation and rotate your wave until you're satisfied with it.

ctrl a-and ctrl c to copy and ctrl v to paste into your banner.

Step 3

Take the grunge brushes and use 2 colors one white and one #202020. Use them on the same layer.

Step 4

Use your layer brushes and mae a new layer with a gradient for your scheme

Step 5

Once you stamp the brushes then go to blending options by right clicking the the layer and match these setting.

Once you're done this go to blending options add a stroke, a gradient layer on the brushes and add the grunge pattern- color burn again.

Step 6

Merge your 2 line layers together and add a stroke with a dotted pattern.

Make a new layer and stamp your cluster brush once onto it.

Add a gradient over layer to it, a 1px storke and a inner glow.

Add some small brushes and whatn not to it.

Step 7

Add your text and your done.