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Template Tutorials

I have compiled a set of tutorials for you to use when you use my templates. If you haven't made anything before then start using a template until you can get the hang of it.
Thanks to for the color scheme.

Button Temp

Pick a template.
We'll be starting with buttons.
1.) Take your template and open it in psp. Make some sort of design and save it. Bigger is always better. You'll need it for later.
2.) Take your design and copy and paste it to a block 88x31 image and them crop it.
3.) Now take youe temp and paste it over your image. Add text to it.
4.) Save it and upload it to an image host.
It's great if you have a theme set out so you can make an entire set for your site.

Layout Temp

Like always pick a template. I'd start with 2 frames and work my way up as I learn more.
1.) Open up your temp in psp along with your image from earlier.
2.) Add colors,pattrerns and whatnot to your template and paste youe design in one of the sections. Make sure it fits right.
3.) Add text where your image is,animate it if you like.
4.) Upload it to an image host.If you want to code it head over to my coding tutorial.
You're done. You've successfulyl learned how to make an entire layout and all. Pat yourself on the back for this.